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=============================================================================== UNICHAT.SH Read Unichat in your terminal! =============================================================================== With, you can read Unichat the way gods intended: in your terminal, in pretty ANSI-formatted text! <3 supports regular monochrome text, 8-bit ANSI colors, and (if you're one of those lucky lads who gets them) 255-range ANSI colors! ---------------------------------------- PRE-REQUISITES ---------------------------------------- You'll need: * `lynx` installed * a POSIX-compatible shell (tested with `pdksh` and `bash`) * "gendl" in your $PATH * "uclib/" in your CWD or in the dir that "" resides in ---------------------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------------------- UNICHAT.SH -------------------- Run in your terminal, like so: id [width] [color] id is the only required option. id, of course, means the comic ID that you want to read. width is the width of each line-- default is 80 characters. color is the color-type you want-- 0, 8, and 255 are the only valid options. UCGEN.SH -------------------- will download all unichat comics in the format you provide. It's for stripping the site, basically. :) [width] [color] The comics will be output into a subdir of your cwd, with a name based on the width and color values you provided, I.E., "80-255" or something like that. GENDL -------------------- gendl is just for downloading things, as a frontend for "curl" "wget" etc. It's here for portability reasons-- you probably don't want to use it yourself. But here's usage, if you decide you do: gendl [-o path] url gendl downloads the URL to stdout, unless you specify an output file with "-o". ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- License is CC-0 Author is Jenga Phoenix <> Sauce is at