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=============================================================================== OSUBDL Fetch subs, senprobleme! =============================================================================== It's kind of annoying to visit OpenSubtitle's website. First off, their site's shit. Second off, it uses Javascript. Let's get around that. With `osubdl`, you can download subtitles for a given file in the given language "automagically"~ ---------------------------------------- PRE-REQUISITES ---------------------------------------- You'll need: * To compile "oshash.h" to "oshash" and put it in your $PATH * a POSIX-compatible shell (tested with `pdksh` and `bash`) * "unzip" installed * "curl" installed" * Some videos <3 ---------------------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------------------- Just run "osubdl" like so: osubdl file [language] [destination] The file should be, obviously, some TV episode or movie's video file. The language defaults to "eng" (english), but you can choose any three-char language code. The destination defaults to the file's name, but with "srt" as the file-extension. ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- License is CC-0 Author is Jenga Phoenix <> Sauce is at