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=============================================================================== LIBERTYBSD-WEBSITE Pretty self-explanatory =============================================================================== The LBSD site is written as simple HTML-- no fancy Markdown or whatever. You can find the raw HTML in base/*.shtml ---------------------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------------------- To generate the full HTML for every version (in their own directories) run `sh` with the repo as your CWD. ---------------------------------------- EDITING ---------------------------------------- When editing the HTML, make sure to edit the file in "base/*.shtml". When (if) you are adding a new string that can possibly be translated, make sure to add a variable for it in "res/lang/" (at least), and to add the string properly: <! LL your_strings_variable_name"--> Of course, replace "your_strings_variable_name" with whatever variable-name you wrote it as in "res/lang/". ---------------------------------------- MULTI-LANG ---------------------------------------- Multi-lang is handled by embedded server-side includes in the HTML-- every place a string would ordinarily go is replaced by a call to the script "res/bin/" with two arguments: * lang-code * string-name That call, in the HTML, looks like mentioned above in EDITING. All strings are stored as shell variables in "res/lang/" under their respective langcode. ---------------------------------------- CREDITS ---------------------------------------- Spanish translation by jorgesumle, Esperanto translation mainly by Tirifto, various contributions by Jimmybot. ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- Maintainer is Jaidyn Levesque <>, license is CC 0, and sauce is at