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=============================================================================== BANDCAMP-DL Jam, not jelly =============================================================================== A simple script that can download a Bandcamp album or track. (Streaming is for nerds anyway >o>) ---------------------------------------- PRE-REQUISITES ---------------------------------------- You'll need: * "gendl" in your $PATH * a POSIX-compatible shell (tested with `pdksh` and `bash`) * "curl", "wget", or "ftp" installed ---------------------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------------------- Just run "bandcamp-dl" like so: bandcamp-dl -a album_url bandcamp-dl -t track_url If you're downloading an album, use "-a". If it's a track, use "-t". Pretty self-explanatory =w= ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- License is CC-0 (though, "gendl" is GPLv3) Author is Jenga Phoenix <> Sauce is at